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My Biography

I've loved the process of becoming an artist, and the daily practice of art. For decades I have pursued training in ateliers, apprenticeships, and in the study of master artists like John Singer Sargent, R. H. Ives Gammell, the Boston School and more.

My curiosity driven learning and passion for mastering skills has made it impossible to settle on just one subject area. For example, when I realized I didn't enjoy still life painting, I decided to join a one year intensive still life atelier. I now understand and enjoy the many different facets of the genre. I consider painting the landscape en plein air to be the most difficult of all genres to master and this challenge keeps me engaged from late spring to early fall. However, my first and most enduring love is the portrait and figure, which becomes my subject, along with still life, when painting outdoors is not practicable.

Over the past 20+ years I’ve been studying with noted Pacific Northwest painter William E. Elston, and have gradually gained more responsibilities as his Studio Assistant / Apprentice. More recently I’ve been promoted to General Studio Manager, while still benefiting from his mentorship. Now, in addition to learning the more subtle aspects of paint technology and representation, I am gaining insight into the ins and outs of studio management and organization. This is especially valuable at a time when the social contexts for the visual arts are changing and unpredictable.

While I have devoted many years to my studies, I also love to teach and pass on to others what I have found. I like to think that my work can make the world a better place, and that it helps to increase the enjoyment of others. I enjoy painting people and their stories, and the places that I love, in a way that reflects the hard earned training that I’ve benefited from.

I have paintings available for purchase.

Selected Exhibitions


Honorable Mention, PAWA Juried Show, Richland, WA

Best Sky, PAWA Juried Wet Painting Show, Richland, WA

PAWA/Plein Air Juried Exhibition Allied at the Arts Association Gallery, Richland, WA

Zen Sekai Gallery Online Juried Show

Painting Beynac Online Show

Objects of Our Attention
Students of the Faigin Atelier at the Gage Academy


2001-2022, Studio Assistant/Apprentice to William Elston

2020-2022, Portrait and Figure Intensive with Costa Vavagiakis, Art Students League New York City

2006, focused study with Costa Vavagiakis, Art Students League New York City

2009, Still Life Atelier, Gage Academy of Fine Arts with Gary Faigin

1996, BA Design, Brigham Young University

Rita Natarova
Steven Assael
Costa Vavagiakis
Al Gury
Frederik Brosen

  • "For all her many hats, I think that of juggler fits Julie best. When I first met her she was juggling an intense interest in painting with the duties of a mother with four young boys in tow. As the boys were gradually married off, an even more intense study of painting has taken over. But it's not just painting as solitary act; Ms. Stonebraker has thrown herself into the social aspect of the art, the painting and plein air sessions, workshops, excursions, all the time seeking feedback and critique. Add to this her having taken the responsibility of managing the studio of a mentor, myself, a position where she has become indispensable; I have to wonder how many more things the juggler can keep aloft, all with apparently casual grace." William E. Elston
  • "As I glanced down the side of the creek, I immediately saw my friend the artist wearing an apron and shade hat and laughing with smiling eyes as she talked with her mentor William Elston about how to best capture the colors in the painting in front of her. The natural setting, the enthusiasm for perfection in her work, and her positive energy all add up to how Julie Stonebraker has become an established artist here in the Pacific Northwest." Liz Talley

Art Travel

Painting on Location

2022 Northern California

2022 Sicily

2019 Amsterdam and Berkshires, MA

2018 Beynac, France

2017 English Countryside

2016 Tuscany


2022, Moss and Fern Artists Retreat, Seattle, WA.

2021, Moss and Fern Artists Retreat, Seattle WA.

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